video intelligence

Transform video surveillance into actionable intelligence seamlessly.

Identify suspicious behaviors and alert your security officers

Sekkya analyses and transforms real-time video streams from your existing CCTV cameras into valuable and actionable insights in a way that was previously impossible by humans. Sekkya helps you proactively monitor your camera streams to identify suspicious behaviors and automatically alert your security officers.

  • Plug and Play

    Sekkya is compatible with your existing CCTV cameras, so it ensures seamless integration with your infrastructure.

    Sekkya is a fully managed service. You bring your existing cameras, network and internet access. We do the rest.

  • Continuous

    Our homemade AI model has been trained over thousands of hours of video recordings, ensuring reliability and accuracy even when deployed in complex environments.

    Our teams continuously ensure our model's effectiveness through regular updates, maintaining peak performance at all times.

  • Custom-fit
    solution & support

    Every industry is unique. Our engagement begins with an understanding of the goals you want to achieve.

    From fully customizable Computer Vision applications, to easily integrable tools, we develop an end-to-end AI-powered video intelligence solution to perfectly match your specific needs.

How does Sekkya work?

An AI solution built on a variety of innovative tools.

  • Doesn’t require advanced cameras

  • Privacy and security first

  • Consume your data everywhere

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