Discover how Sekkya works

Discover the technology behind Sekkya, the AI-Powered video intelligence solution.

Sekkya an ecosystem of automated technologies.

Our system requires a combination of a vast set of techniques, such as computer vision, image processing, machine learning, supercomputers management (IoT), infrastructure setup, and traditional software development.
All of them combined created an ecosystem composed of cameras, supercomputers, cloud, web app, and mobile app.


Doesn't require
advanced cameras

Sekkya doesn’t require advanced cameras, we reuse as much as possible cameras already installed on your facilities. Additional cameras for Sekkya only need standard RTSP streaming capability and adequate resolution, without requiring 4K or high FPS.



Our computers, installed on your local network, receive images from your cameras and analyze them using our algorithms and machine learning models. Upon detection of an incident, only relevant images and essential metadata are uploaded to our system for staff alerts. Non relevant alerts remain within the local network, ensuring privacy and efficiency.



Sekkya system is based on different advanced components:

  • AI system

    From detecting suspicious behavior to optimizing parking spaces, we make your cameras smarter with custom AI for all your needs.

  • Security

    We employ advanced security protocols and cutting-edge encryption to ensure the utmost data integrity and confidentiality, providing robust protection against unauthorized access and breaches.

  • Web application

    The web app receives real time notifications and allows you to visualise suspicious scenes. It also provides features to manage the stores and the staff team protecting the stores.

  • Mobile application

    The purpose of our mobile app is to receive a real time notification when a suspicious scene is detected and to visualise this scene in a convenient manner. Your agents can be as responsive as possible and take action immediately.

  • And more...

    Experience the future with Sekkya, where innovation never stops. Harnessing the latest in AI detection technology, we redefine possibilities and tailor solutions exclusively for you.

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