About Sekkya

Sekkya is the result of research and development conducted by ARHS Spikeseed

History of the project

  1. 01

    2020: The beginnings of Sekkya

    Every year, the ARHS Group organises an innovation competition. Sekkya was proposed by the ARHS Spikeseed teams in 2020 and won the competition. Sekkya was born and we started to develop the first features of the models: PPE Monitoring, Restricted area, health mask detection, virtual line crossing, theft from automatic checkouts.

  2. 02

    2021: First customer in retail sector

    Installation of Sekkya to assist the retailer with a number of tasks: counting people, counting cars in the car park, detecting suspicious behavior, monitor shop capacity.

  3. 03

    2022: First customer in parking management sector

    Installation of Sekkya at a car rental company with the development of several features: number plate recognition, detection of unauthorised cars, detection of incorrectly parked cars.
    At the same time, development of closed checkout detection for the retail sector.

  4. 04

    2023-2024: Improvements and new AI models

    In order to improve our tools and alerts, Sekkya is constantly developing and offering new detection tools.

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